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Tasty, satisfying, guilt free snacks.

As an active and busy mother of three, I needed quick and healthy snacks for my family to eat when on the go. After my work outs, during my kids soccer half time, and for my husband’s 3:00pm crash at work, I wanted to create something satisfying, tasty, that curbs cravings between meals. I was tired of the processed, high sugar snacks on the market with ingredients that were unrecognizable. Bonbites gets back to raw and natural ingredients comprised of nutritious combinations to provide you and your family with energizing and delicious snacks.

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Our Flavours

With over 15 flavour variations you’re bound to find one that you love,
and it’s hard to love only one.

Products not made in a nut free environment.
All products may contain traces of nuts


Rich with anti-oxidants. Simple but satisfying. A well-balanced snack.

Blueberry Energy

Cashews, almonds, dates, dried blueberries, lemon, vanilla, sea salt. Free of dairy, wheat, and preservatives.

Choco Almond

For those who enjoy chocolate and nut combinations, these natural almond butter based balls are protein rich and delicious.

Choco Almond

Oats, coconut, almond butter, flax, dark chocolate, honey, cashews. Free of dairy and preservatives.

Cran Goji

Packed with high protein goji berries, these are great for post work outs. Dense with flavour and very filling.

Cran Goji

Oats, dates, cranberries, goji berries, honey, almonds, cashews, flax, coconut. Free of dairy and preservatives.

Dark Choco Coco

This decadent, rich tasting energy ball consists of dark chocolate, and is the perfect healthy dessert. Great with tea or coffee!

Dark Choco Coconut Balls

Oats, dates, dark chocolate, honey, cocoa, cinnamon, coconut, flax. Free of dairy and preservatives.


A favourite for Nutella lovers. Hazelnut and cocoa combination that is sweet and guilt free!


Oats, cocoa, honey, flax, hazelnuts, coconut, coconut oil. Free of dairy and preservatives.

Can’t Decide?

Bonbites now offers custom orders,
why not mix and match your favorites?

Add a Boost to
Your Bite

All of our products can be ordered with protein powder or chia seeds. Gluten free oats can also be used, at your request.

  • Total Cleanse

    ( totalcleanse.ca )

    Bonbites are our new obsession! We are so thrilled to be carrying them and think they make for a great snack alongside our cold pressed juices.

  • Rebecca Richman

    Bonbite Energy Balls truly delicious with every bite you take! They are healthy, nutritious, and full of flavour. I take them to work and grab one when I’m feeling at a low point in the afternoon. My entire family loves them.

  • Dr Nicky Cohen

    They are the best snack for on the go and for kids…they are amazing for work. I eat 6-8 over the 6 hour work day and they are so filling!

  • Darcie Richler

    These balls have become a staple in my diet. They are healthy and delicious and most importantly filling!  I absolutely love them.

  • Daniel Glazerman

    ( Vice President - Evans Investment Counsel )
    We love Bonbites! They have quickly become a go to snack of choice in our home. We feel much better that our kids are eating a homemade, healthy and nutritious snack rather than processed box junk.
  • Marlowe Stone

    ( Singer - Songwriter )

    I love popping a Bonbite just before one of my high-energy shows or to curb mid-afternoon sweet cravings in the studio. Blueberry is my favourite!

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